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Om YOYO Global Freight

At the core of our success are very competitive and high quality transport and logistics solutions. These are consolidated with solid operational know-how, and a result orientated customer service, backing you up 100% of the way.

We are specialists in bespoke solutions, so that wherever in the world your consignment destination happens to be, you can be sure that we will deliver the most reliable and cost effective solution on the market.
YOYO Global Freight can offer you worldwide transport, storage and logistics solutions.

It is paramount for us that we use the most effective and specialized transport methods available. We have extensive experience in package distribution and express courier deliveries. We are a “one-stop shop,” able to resolve all your transport requirements, be they by road, air, sea, courier, or express.

We can also offer project deliveries, and warehouse, storage and logistics solutions.

We are constantly assessing and improving our product and our international network of partners, so as to guarantee that we are always in a position to best fulfil your transportation and logistics needs.

Om YOYO Global Freight